Min Kyu Yum, Ph.D.

Principal Investigator

Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Medical Science and Engineering, KAIST

Office: N26 (CHIPS) Room# 324

E-mail: minkyu.yum(at)

2023.09 - present, SUHF Fellow (Suh Kyungbae Foundation)

2022.09 - present, Assistant Professor, KAIST

2017 - 2022, Postdoctoral fellow, University of Cambridge

2017, Postdoctoral fellow, Seoul National University

2017, Ph.D. Biological Sciences, Seoul National University

2011, B.S. Biology, Korea University

So Hyun Kwon, BBiomedSc

M.S./Ph.D. Course (의과학자 과정)

E-mail: lauratreat(at)

2022.09 - present, M.S./Ph.D. student, KAIST

2022, BBiomedSc., The University of Hong Kong

•  Research interest: Intestinal stem cell niche & Tumor microenvironment 

Hyo Jae Shin, B.S.

M.S./Ph.D. Course (의과학자 과정)

E-mail: hyojae.shin(at)


2023.03 - present, M.S./Ph.D. student, KAIST

2019.03 – 2022.08, Department of Biological Sciences, Konkuk university


•  Research interest: Metastatic dormancy & Cell competition

Yongseok Kho, M.D.

Ph.D. Course (의사과학자 과정)

E-mail: zebra1357(at)


2023.03 - present, Ph.D. student, KAIST

2021-2023 M.S. Medicine, Seoul National University

2019-2023 Resident training Urology, Seoul National University Hospital

2012-2018 M.D. Medicine, Seoul National University


•  Research interest: Uro-oncology

Hyun Jong Woo, B.S.

M.S./Ph.D. Course (의과학자 과정)

E-mail: dnguswhd13(at)


2024.03 - present, M.S./Ph.D. student, KAIST

2017.03 – 2024.02, B.S, Biological Science & Chemistry (Double major), Sungkyunkwan University 


•  Research interest: Aging, Microenvironment of aged tissue

Da Hyun Kim, B.S.

M.S./Ph.D. Course (의과학자 과정)

E-mail: dahyun(at) 


2024.03 - present, M.S./Ph.D. student, KAIST

2020.03 – 2024.02, Department of stem cell and regenerative biotechnology, Konkuk university


•  Research interest: Tumorigenesis

Sohee Hong, B.S.


E-mail: hongsh1107(at)

2023.11 - present, Internship, KAIST

2019.03 - 2024.02, Division of Life Sciences, Korea University


•  Research interest: Tissue regeneration & Cellular plasticity

So Eun Lim


E-mail: soeun1015(at)


2024.02 - present, Internship, KAIST

2019.03 - present, Department of Biological Sciences, Seoul National University 


•  Research interest: Cancer

Gyeong Min Lee, B.A.

Administrative staff

E-mail: gmlee123(at)